The Stardate format is self-centered

I’m all for conquering the stars. Seriously. At least exploring them. I think if we try to plant our flag everywhere like we did on the planet we’ll get our ass handed to us eventually.

As we travel the stars and meet other species, ala Star Trek, or populate other planets and areas, like The Expanse, here’s what’s going to happen, Earth is going to be in our rear-view mirror.

Like all the way.

So the concept of a day is going to disappear. Which means the concept of the year will also disappear.

So this whole notion of a stardate is really going to be bupkis.

And if we expand it to be a solar system based number, it will again become irrelevant when we leave the solar system.

The only true number will be a universal (or multi-versa) constant that represents change.

Except, change isn’t necessarily constant throughout the universe is it?

Anyone have a solution for this?