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Get yourself into computers

Many times a year I get asked by various people in my circles how to get into

I mean, they don’t actually say, “how do I get into computers,” but that’s the generalization. 

I say that because in the end, it boils down to that. Most of the people that ask me that question aren’t “in” computers. They’re cops, paralegals, construction workers, small business owners, and everything in between.

I shmooz with a lot of different people. 

A lot of them see my posts and are curious about what I do and want to know whether that’s for them. No doubt they see how curious and exciting what I do is. 

So, here’s how the question goes:

Should I go to college or take an online class? 

And I’m like, “slow your roll, G.” 

I say this, because most people not in computers don’t realize how complex “computers” are.

Do you want to code? Do you want to fix desktops? Do you want to network computers together? 

These are a lot of questions to ask, and really, the answer mostly is, “I don’t know.” 

Because they’ve never had a taste of it. 

As one of those people who has had formal a millenia ago, and almost everything he knows is self-taught, because the face of programming looks much different than when I started, I know that the different areas of computers are very different. 

And I know that you can get a healthy taste of what each offers without spending thousands on an irrelevant online class, or tens of thousands on an irrelevant degree. 

I say irrelevant, because if you just want to learn enough to fix someone’s computer and have a little side job doing that, you can learn that without every dropping a dime for a class anywhere. 

However, if you want to get into data science, it’s pretty hard to do if you don’t utilize a significant amount of library time in the math books, or dropping serious cash for a college course. 

Nothing is impossible. 

But you don’t want to drop $100,000 for a health computer science degree if you just want to fix computers on the side. 

I started a super short course for my friends that asked me how to get into computers to help them figure out which branch of computers they want to get into without dropping a lot of money. 

Once they figure out what they want to do, then they can make a better decision on where to spend their money that directly correlates to what they really want to do, rather than spend cash on a security course when they really wanted to design graphics. 

I’ll start posting some of the pieces of the “How to get into computers” as I flesh it out.

Drop me a line if any part of that helps you figure out what you want to do without having to drop a lot of cash first!