Let’s. Get. Serious.

If you didn’t read that in Darkwing Duck’s voice, shame on you.

Anyways, I’m taking my education to the next level (or really, the first level). Of course, when I signed up for this course (Stanford University: Machine Learning via Coursera.org), I didn’t realize it was a timed course. I was thinking Udemy, you know? Work at your own speed?

Cause I kind of already started an AWS Certified Solutions Architect prep course, which was pretty heavy.

But then I got an email from Coursera telling me that my assignments are due.

Uh oh.

3 Days later I’ve caught up from last week. Hoping to be caught up for this week by Monday (when I’m supposed to be done this week). That way, I’ll have all of week 3 to work on week 3 stuff.

And now I have to redo my plan for the AWS prep class since I had a daily goal listed out.

Anyways, I love me some maths. I haven’t mathed for years and this course definitely doesn’t skimp on the math. Loving it so far. Honestly, my only “upgrade” for this ML course would be to have quite a few more exercises to solidify the lessons. Right now it’s about 1 question per concept; basically to make sure you understood. But I like taking the vehicle around the block to make sure I know how to work the stick, ya know?

Here’s to learning me some ML and AI so I can learn how to attack. Cause that’s the goal, ya know? I mean, other than the fact I’m in AppSec, I want to know how to beat the machines when SkyNet rises.