How to deal with all “this”

There are so many things going on in the world today: riots, protests, racism, pandemics, entitlement, righteousness (from damn near every segment).

I’d like to suggest a framework that might help you deal with all the constant deluge of information. So many ways you’re suppose to think and feel otherwise you are wrong and will be blasted across the internet as someone who doesn’t think the right way. But not any 2 groups can agree on how to think.

The framework is…

Critical Thought.

It’s as simple as that. But I’ve skipped ahead haven’t I? Most people already think they are using critical thought as a framework, but they are so far away from it that what they are doing doesn’t even resemble critical thinking.

Before I get into how to think critically, I want to point out some things.

1) Critical thought is based on skepticism.

Which means you can’t just “receive” new information, assume it’s true, and then assimilate that information into your “facts that are true” vault. If you are doing this, you are NOT practicing critical thought. And so many of us do that don’t we. Especially if that information is given to us by sources we trust. And double especially if that information resonates with what we already believe. There are psychological principles that support that you do that. And you do.

If you are thinking critically, you are skeptical about all new information (and frankly, old information) regardless of the source. It could be your best friend, your priest, your favorite news source that would NEVER bend the truth or lie. But if you don’t question…. The…. Shit out of that information, you are not thinking critically.

Honestly, I’m stopping there. I’m know going into how to think critically or even further “points” that I said I wanted to make.

Until you put aside your current framework of thinking, that of hearing information that you KNOW to be true because it resonates with you, there’s no point in learning how to think critically.

If you need a step by step method in order to start being a critical thinker, let me give you step number 1….

Step Number 1: Question ALL new information, regardless of source.

If you cannot even begin to recognize that you don’t do this with all sources, there’s no point in looking at step two.