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Android App Alpha Update

2017.18 – 670 ticks. I sat down last night to tinker with my Metric Timer android app. Low and behold, got it fully functioning before I ran out of steam.  I just have a couple tweaks to make on the menus (like getting them to show!) and then it will be ready for an alpha release. I’m hoping tonight. It’s taking longer than usual since I’m using Xamarin to build the app and I’ve not used that tech before. However, I’ve already used the app twice since it was created, which is cool since it’s only been in existence less than 1000 ticks (24hrs). Hit me up on twitter @johntsangaris if you are interested in checking the alpha out on Android.


Considerations in the Present State of Time

Before this project site went up and before I created the timer at, I worked on a prototype to ensure my math and execution was sound. In it, I came across several decisions that I had to make.

Firstly, I had, without making a goal of it, switched to using the <year>.<day of year> date format. So, today being January 11, 2017 is 2017.11. It was something I started on January 1st and just did. I can only attribute that to being a geek. A few days ago I decided to give metric time a run after having looked at it 15 years ago.  I figured that it would be appropriate since I’m changing how I do dates (I wonder if I can use that format on the next check(que) I write, I’ll let you know if the bank rejects it).

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Need More Toolz!

It’s only be one day and already I’m seeing both the fun of the project and the limit without having more tools.

For instance, I’m looking into creating a windows app that displays metric next to your current time and date in your tool bar. Also, other than adding a manual calculation to, I need to create a phone app to give me the time.

Just when I thought it was going to be a fun and light project… 🙂

I’m going to have to research a bit more to see if smart watches are at the point where I can create an app for that as well.


Shortcuts Needed

Just to help keep things simple,  I wrote down the important times of the day that I’m learning.

I’d expect that if we went full metric that we may adjust our day according to metric time. Like work would start at 300, 350, or maybe 400. Maybe back to work would be 545. We tend to like working with simple numbers. That’s why we don’t have meetings from 8:27 to 8:53, typically.  However, since we live in the standard time world, here are a few shortcut times for my day.

Wake up – 229

Get to work – 333

First meeting – 354

Lunch – 500

Back to work – 541

Go home – 708

Go to sleep – 958


The beginning of time

This small effort project will be my attempt to convert to using Metric Time for one month during 2017. I’ve created a webpage that displays metric time. In this project blog I’ll document issue I’ve had as well as considerations, decisions, and thoughts on Metric Time.

This is not an attempt to change the world. Just an experiment in what it would take to actually convert.

The site that displays Metric Time is at