August Thefteros Exaday 2020

I have now gone through a full decaday since I started the idea.

Here are my initial observations:

  1. The tracking part hasn’t changed. I track my week tasks on a piece of paper. I’ve updated that paper/printout to be a 10 day rather than 7 day. Tracking stuff hasn’t changed.
  2. I was right about interfacing with work. It’s going to take some effort to try to make that work. That dissonance between the weeks may make the effort not worthwhile.
  3. I think the benefit will be realized when I actually start tracking other projects. Will tracking my personal projects benefit from this decaday? I don’t know, but I haven’t given it a chance yet. So far I’ve tracked calendar items, not projects items. I think that’s where I need to focus next to see if there is any benefit.